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Imagine Google came out with a statement today saying that next week, the company would stop hosting their search engine power on their own servers and would instead let regular people—anyone and everyone—host the power on their own computers. Then Google states that anyone using their computer for Google searches will be rewarded for their work. 

What would you do? Would you buy into Google’s new system and receive the rewards? Knowing how many people are already searching on Google, why wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, we’re not (intentionally) predicting the future of Google over here. But fortunately, we don’t need to; that’s actually how blockchain nodes work!

A node is a computer that contributes its processing power to the blockchain. The more nodes a blockchain has, the more de-centralized the transactions are. Here are 3 reasons why YOU should own a node:

1- You’ll contribute to the mission of the blockchain in a big way.

Because blockchains literally require node owners in order to exist, it’s pretty accurate to say no blockchain mission would be fulfilled without you. For example, here at Galvan we’re trying to change the healthcare and wellness industry through the blockchain. Our plans to create a decentralized system for healthcare records cannot happen without our node owners. Our goals to motivate everyone to make healthy choices by rewarding them with IZE will not happen without our node owners. So when you become a node owner, you are helping us carry out Galvan’s mission to change the world in a big, big way. How cool is that?

2- You’ll own a piece of the blockchain network. 

That’s right. Because blockchains can’t exist without you, you deserve to have a say in updates, transactions, and any other changes in the company blockchain. In order to create a truly decentralized network, you should have just as much power as the next node owner. It’s your node, you own it, so you should own the power that comes with it.

3- You’ll be a part of the growth.

Blockchains, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies are all still very new concepts. But if you ask us, the concepts will become more and more normalized. There are just so many benefits to decentralized finance, trading, and even healthcare. Like many blockchain companies, Galvan is just in the beginning stages of *Galvanizing* the world, but we have big plans! And we’re executing many of those plans this year. Remember, if you knew today that Google had plans to decentralize and gave you the opportunity to participate, why wouldn’t you jump on that bandwagon now and be part of all the growth? So let’s just say this is your sign to jump on the Galvan bandwagon today. 

Go ahead. We dare you to learn more about Galvan Nodes and get your own here

Disclaimer: IZE is a digital reward distributed through the Galvan Node Network according to predetermined smart contracts. IZE is designed to have utility on the Galvan platform for the purchase of Galvan products and services, although other cryptocurrencies may be used as well.  IZE is not available for purchase from Galvan. IZE is not an investment product and may never have any value. Galvan Node Owners should not expect to recognize any value from IZE other than its utility with Galvan. Although Galvan plans to undertake efforts to become a successful business, it is highly likely that IZE’s value will not correlate with the success or failure of Galvan.