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Good news! A sneak peek of points went live today. This should give much-needed visibility to node owners and all of their progress since February. 🎉

👇 Important Notes:

  • Points are not IZE rewards, but they do help you get to IZE. How many points you earn in a day compared to the rest of the community determines your IZE distribution. So if you earn 0.2% of the total community points in a day, you would equally earn 0.2% of the IZE being distributed that day. This should become a lot more clear when IZE distribution starts later this year.
  • You should see points from your nodes, referrals, and 7 & 30 day bonuses since Feb. 17th, 2022. (Nodes online was announced Feb. 16th MT, but the first day of points start according to UTC time—Feb. 17th 00:00 UTC)
  • The purpose of releasing points before IZE rewards is to work out any kinks before anything is put on an immutable ledger. Please submit bugs/ideas!
  • Below is a breakdown of the point values for each action. These are subject to change before IZE distribution goes live based on your feedback and bug fixes. At the end of this testing period, a new version of the Litepaper will be released that contains the official point values.