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We are pleased to announce the change of our name from Blue United (BLUE) to Galvan (IZE). 🎉

As noted above, the name of the BLUE reward will also be changed to IZE. These new names are inspired by the word galvanize, which means to shock or excite someone into taking action.



1. shock or excite (someone) into taking action.

This identity change will also include a new accelerated product development strategy, that will continue the efforts to align blockchain technology with the biggest unmet needs of the healthcare space. Adam Sharp, CEO of Galvan, explains:

“Galvan’s name epitomizes our vision to inspire, enable, and—well—galvanize individuals’ resolve to form healthy habits.”

We are excited for this new evolution in our project and believe it is a brand and message that we can take to the entire world. 🚀

Incoming Changes

Because of the rebrand, here are the following changes to expect:

  • Our official domain will now be www.galvan.health
  • The Galvan App will be accessible through the new domain app.galvan.health
  • The website, app, node software, and social media channels will all reflect the new brand logos and colors.
  • If you are running the node software on your Mac or Windows device, you will need to re-download and run the Galvan Node Software. More information about this will be sent to node owners soon.
  • If you are running the node software through VPS, you will need to re-setup your instances with the new Galvan command codes. More information about this will be sent to node owners soon.

Last and especially not least: 

Part of our new product development strategy is to release a useful and scaleable fitness app that will help feature significant utility for the IZE reward that our node owners earn every day. Distribution of the IZE reward through the Galvan Node Network, which was potentially going to start this month of April, has been slightly pushed back—with our #1 priority now being the creation of this product. We believe that launching this fitness app before the IZE token will be most beneficial to the future of this project and its overall success.

Thank you for being here from the beginning. Go Galvan!